Custom Development
System Design & System Integration
Product Guidance & Testing
Consulting & Education
We often customize our software solutions to meet our customer's needs; be it private labeling or special features. We also design and prototype custom hardware for interfacing to power conversion equipment.
We also design complex, custom, multi-vendor monitoring systems and battery-based off-grid and backup power systems using equipment from tried-and-true vendors. We offer integration services to provide turn-key solutions.
We offer design advice to equipment manufacturers for RE monitoring and large-format lithium ion battery storage systems and can also provide design test services to ensure products meet their design goals.
We do presentations and training classes on a number of topics relating to renewable energy, including solar and wind site assessment, system monitoring methods, and large-format lithium ion storage systems. Our expertise and knowledge grows each year. We read trade journals, attend conferences and network with other professionals to ensure we keep our finger on the pulse of the industry.
Our clients includes military, aerospace, government contractors, telecom companies, and power conversion equipment manufacturers.